Dan’s Vision for Lake County:

We will spend less than the county collects. We will not use one-time money to fund on-going needs. We will not balance the budget by intentionally underfunding programs. We will return unused tax dollars to the county’s taxpayers.

Professional and Accountable County Government Service

  • Support funding requests from county offices that are justifiable (no patronage)
  • Advocate for a county ethics ordinance and ethics training for all office holders and employees
  • Ensure professional hiring practices through professional human resources standards
  • Mandate that the county follows the strategic plan that Dan got instituted

Support Private Job Creation and Increased Home Values

  •     Support South Shore commuter line expansion
  •     Commuter rail to Chicago will bring Chicago level salaries back to the 4th District
  •     Chicago level salaries will lead to increased home values

Cooperate and Advocate

  • Dan’s hallmark of government service is to work collaboratively across party lines to ensure that the taxpayers are delivered appropriate services
  • But Dan won’t hesitate to speak up for the taxpayer when the Democrats engage in wasteful spending or inappropriate behavior

Dan Dernulc is an experienced leader. Dan has proven he can…

Dan Dernulc

…Expand the Republican Party

He’s done it before—as Town Chair of Highland Dan Dernulc helped shift Highland from a Democratic council to a Republican council. (That’s one reason he was named Republican of the Year in 2000!)

Dan can continue to unify and expand the base of our party. He wants to collaborate with each town chairman to make sure precinct committeemen have the tools needed to help solid candidates win elections! He has been honored to serve in the Republican organization, and be endorsed by over 40 elected officials as the right man to lead the Lake County GOP.

…Keep more money in your pocket

He voted against the county income tax because he understands that local government already has the resources it needs! By using these resources efficiently, we can continue to make Lake County a great place to live, work, and raise our kids.

Dan also worked to reform county insurance, saving taxpayers money and taking some of the liability off the county.

…Make government work for the people

Dan communicates and partners with 4th District Town Councils—and that helps avoid duplication and overlap. He promotes Ethics Ordinance—and that helps ensure that money goes where it needs to go. He is transparent, and he works hard—because he understands that in America, the government is for the people, not the other way around!